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Day 1: Coachnesia Joins the Conversation as The World Game Thailand Opens in Khao Lak!

The sun-drenched shores of Khao Lak, Thailand, played host to an electrifying event called The World Game Thailand, organized by Erickson Coaching International, officially opened its doors! 

This three-day gathering, buzzing with the energy of passionate changemakers, promises to be a powerful catalyst for positive action, and Coachnesia, Vanaya Indonesia's vibrant community, is right in the thick of it!

The opening ceremony set the tone for the conference, featuring a keynote address by the visionary leader herself, Marilyn Atkinson, founder of Erickson Coaching International. With decades of experience in coaching and a deep-seated belief in the power of solution-focused approaches, Ms. Atkinson undoubtedly inspired the audience.

Following Ms. Atkinson's inspiring address, the stage was then graced by a highly anticipated local Project Manager. Their deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities Thailand faces was instrumental in grounding the conference in the realities of the region.

By offering a local perspective on issues, the Project Manager undoubtedly sparked crucial conversations, ensuring that solutions developed throughout the conference would be relevant and impactful in a Thai context.

The power of solution-focused coaching, a hallmark of The World Game, is sure to resonate with Coachnesia's values, making them valuable contributors to the conversation.

With such an inspiring start, The World Game Thailand promises to be a landmark event. This global gathering of minds creates a fertile ground for positive change, a space where ideas can blossom and strategies can be formed. Coachnesia's presence adds another dimension to this exciting event, fostering a spirit of collaboration that transcends borders.

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