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Our cutting edge of neurotechnology is here to support you portraying individual or organizational brain profile that measures innate potentials and predicts future performance.​

The growth and performance of an organization depend on the capacity and quality of its people. The capacity and quality of people’s mindset, acumen, decisions, attitude, and behavior are regulated by their brains. Transforming an organization means transforming how the brain of the people in the organization works. 


NEUROMETRIC® is organizational neurodynamic modeling to reveal the brain profile of individuals or organizations in order to discover the organizational brain gap and decide which specific brain functions or systems are needed to optimize or alter in relation to achieving organizational goals. Developed by Vanaya NeuroLab scientists based on empirical evidence in neuroscience, Neurometric taps directly into the brain using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) scan with qEEG (quantitive electroencephalogram) method and machine learning algorithm. 


Neurometric is a set of organizational diagnostic instruments to translate the brain activities of people in the organization into an organizational or individual capacity profile that reveals:

  • what are the dominant patterns of thinking, decision-making, and behaving of leaders and talents through their brain signatures

  • what are the hidden and innate brain potentials of the leaders and talents that can be optimized to reach their full potential

  • how big are the gaps between current ways of thinking, feeling, decision-making, and behaving and organizational demands

  • how big are the capacity gaps between high performers and low performers, or between a particular managerial level and other levels

  • why an individual or an organizational unit develops a certain pattern of mindset, perception, decision-making, attitude, and behavior

  • how successful the progress of any people or organizational intervention program is (training, coaching, mentoring, culture, policy, etc.)

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