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Vanaya Indonesia is a brain-focused organizational transformation consulting firm. We help your organization thrive on people challenges and navigate business turbulence through evidence-based intervention grounded in the cutting edge of neuroscience.

Our mission is to facilitate worldwide change towards meaningful impact through brain-focused coaching and neurotechnology. Our passion is to convert scientific invention into global business innovative solutions. Our spirit is to learn, grow, and contribute whole-heartedly to bring meaningful and measurable impact to our clients and communities.

As a part of Vanaya & Companies which focuses on bringing the values and impact of science to businesses and organizations, our approach is strongly grounded in scientific evidence. Yet, it is decoded into practical organizational solutions and measurable business impact.

Science reveals that every success and change start in the brain. Based on years of scientific research in neuroscience and neuroinformatics, we developed a brain-focused method called the CARE Model which has been proven in delivering triple-impact solutions for your organizational challenges in Brain, Behavior, and Business.

Our professionals and scientists design brain-focused organizational solutions to help you:

  • (Brain) Detect individual and organizational brain signatures to reveal the organizational DNA and people’s innate potential for success

  • (Behavior) Foster behavioral change, habitual shift, and culture transformation to achieve productive, vibrant, and meaningful triumph

  • (Business) Accelerate business growth through brain enhancement, leadership transformation, and talent empowerment

Our Coaches

All of our coaches have senior-level management experience from diverse backgrounds, advanced business degrees, and the passion to inspire, coach and challenge entrepreneurs and their teams to reach their full potential.