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Culture-Fit Neurometric

Assessing people’s brain fitness to a particular organization culture and measuring the cultural brain gap of across units or teams.​

Professional area coming to your companies from many walks of life. Your job as the CEO, HR Director or Culture Head is to ensure they will fit in your corporate culture. It is difficult to measure culture fitness of your employees or candidates during recruitment process. Culture survey delivers normative answers from your employees. Employee Engagement Program cannot fully align corporate culture in your employees. This will especially more difficult in a post merger and acquisition situation.

How can you detect if your leaders and employees are fit to the corporate culture. Culture-Fit Neurometric is an organizational culture neuro-mapping to reveal how likely people across organizations are attuned to the organizational culture from their brain patterns. It measures the culture-fit level of a talent or leader in comparison with the dominant organizational brain signature. Moreover, you can also use Culture-Fit Neurometric to diagnose the gap between two merged entities in a post merger and a