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Eight Critical Aspects
of Organizational Agility

Prof. David Clutterbuck: Celebrating 45 Years of Pioneering Coaching and Mentoring


SEPTEMBER 29, 2022


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Vanaya Learning Space




USD 25/IDR 375K


Professor David Clutterbuck is a one of Europe’s most prolific and well-known management writers and thinkers, Co-founder of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Well known for his work on a strong focus on team coaching and facilitating masterclasses around the world, with an evidence-based approach to supporting the performance of teams.

As part of Celebrating 45 years of pioneering coaching and mentoring, Vanaya Indonesia and Prof. David Clutterbuck running the collaboration event for all Leaders who wants to develop their leadership skills through coaching approach.

Eight Critical Aspects Of Organisational Agility: A Webinar For Business Leaders

Year by year, the average half-life of business organisations diminishes. Organisational arthritis – where the company’s response to change becomes increasingly slower – sets in earlier and earlier. So, what can business leaders do to maintain the organisation’s youthful energy longer?

In this overview of key trends in leadership and organisational dynamics, David Clutterbuck, one of the world’s leading management thinkers, explores eight key areas, in which leaders can help their organisations retain their vitality. These are:

  • Understanding the need to be faster and more resilient

  • Switching from linear thinking to complex, adaptive systems thinking

  • Creating a rapid learning culture

  • Ethicality and authenticity as the drivers of a psychologically safe climate

  • Systemic approaches to team performance, capability and capacity

  • Creating “teaming” cultures

  • Harnessing the power of diversity

  • Speeding up the development of new teams and project teams

Your Takeaways From This Webinar Include
  • Practical ideas of levers you can pull to achieve radical change in your organisation

  • Clarity of the evolving role of leaders in creating fast responding, constantly evolving organisations

  • Agile Neuro Index as a brain signature for Leading with Agility within the Organization

For A Deeper Dive Into This Vital Topic, We Recommend These Half-day Intense Learning Events With David Clutterbuck:
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  • Leadership in a post-Covid world

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Who Can Join This Webinar?

This webinar is well-suited for executives and senior leaders of large corporation with more than 400 employees who are keen to build organisational agility: - CEO and Board of Directors - Senior Executives (VP or Group Heads) - HR Directors or Senior Managers

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