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Day 3: Coachnesia Charts a Course for Change : Erickson’s World Game Thailand Concludes with Inspiring Plans!

The World Game Thailand has drawn its curtain, but the legacy of inspiration it ignited continues to burn bright. Coachnesia, Vanaya Indonesia's dynamic community, actively participated in the three-day event, culminating in a powerful day three that marked the birth of a new chapter fueled by knowledge and connection.

The final day shifted gears from an insightful opening on May 6, a beach cleanup with an entrepreneurial side mixed in for the community of Phuket on May 7, to solidifying action on the final day.

The powerful concept of team charters took center stage, guiding participants towards translating their experience that they have on the 7th of May into tangible projects. Remember the inspiring beach cleanup on day two, where trash was transformed into treasure? Day three saw Coachnesia leverage this impactful experience to craft a team charter outlining a project with far-reaching potential.

The conference provided the platform, the inspiration, and the tools to transform a transforming activity like a bleach cleanup into a sustainable social enterprise. By actively engaging in the team charter process, Coachnesia has taken a significant step towards making a positive impact on their community and beyond.

The World Game Thailand may be over, but for Coachnesia, the game has just begun.We can expect to see Coachnesia implement their team charter with dedication, inspiring others to join the movement for a brighter future. Stay tuned for updates on Coachnesia's progress, as they translate their experiences at The World Game Thailand into real-world action!

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