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Coachnesia Joins the Erickson World Game Thailand!

The Coachnesia community of Vanaya Indonesia, returned this week, full of inspiration following their incredible experience at The World Game Thailand held by Erickson!

Erickson World Game Thailand

The World Game, which takes place in the picturesque resort town of Khao Lak, Thailand between 6 to 8 of May, 2024. It happens regularly in different locations around the world and is an opportunity for in person networking and communities of practice, as well as personal and professional development. 

it pulsates with a different kind of energy. It's a unique methodology that centers around facilitated conversation. By sparking dialogues that resonate on a deeply personal level, while simultaneously addressing societal issues, environmental concerns, and the ever-evolving global landscape, the conference fosters connections that transcend borders and continents.

The World Game acknowledges the imperfections, fissures, and apparently insurmountable issues we confront while embracing the complexity of the world. However, The World Game issues a challenge: “let's overcome these difficulties and turn the process of finding answers into an intriguing game instead of focusing on pessimism”.

This playful approach fosters a sense of collaboration and innovation, encouraging participants to view challenges as opportunities for creative problem-solving.

Coachnesia made a strong statement by coming to The World Game conference. It represents Indonesia's steadfast determination to play a significant role in the global movement for good change.

Through proactive participation in this solution-focused dialogue, Coachnesia has the potential to significantly contribute to the development of a more promising future for the world at large, not just in Indonesia. Coachnesia’s involvement makes it very evident that Indonesians are a powerful force in the world, bringing new ideas and creative solutions to the table.

The World Game marks the beginning of a new chapter one fueled by the collaborative spirit and solution-oriented mindset fostered at the conference. We can expect to see Coachnesia leverage the knowledge and connections gained to implement impactful initiatives within the Vanaya Indonesia community, and perhaps even inspire a ripple effect that extends far beyond. The game has begun, and Coachnesia is a key player, ready to make a significant contribution to a world brimming with possibility.

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