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Transition to the retirement stage of life is not easy for anybody, regardless the educational background or level of job position in the organization. To have a secure, comfortable, and joyful retirement, your organization needs to prepare a smooth transition for your people.

Being ready to retire is about building multidimensional readiness of the brain to enter a different stage of life. Ready to Retire® is a program that is designed to increase the retirement readiness level to reach a secure threshold of financial, entrepreneurial, physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

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Key Takeaways from Ready to Retire® Program

Why Bring A Ready to Retire® Program in Your Organization?

Ready to Retire® Program using a brain-focused intervention that has been empirically-proven to successfully enable thousands of professional workers in enjoying the journey of retirement life. Through Ready to Retire® program, Vanaya supports your organization to facilitate:

  • A smooth talent-out process of your valuable asset: your people

  • The last meaningful contribution from your organization to those who have dedicated their professional life to your organizational success

  • A holistic approach on retirement preparation from multidimensional aspects

How to Experience the Ready to Retire® Program?

Ready to Retire® Program is a holistic retirement coaching process to help people make the right retirement decisions that is customized for their individual needs and their family aspirations. Using a holistic approach, Ready to Retire® Program is a comprehensive coaching program that combines Wellness, Wellbeing, Business, Wealth, and Spiritual Coaching.

Since the retirement journey of life will have a significant impact to the whole family, it is suggested that both the employee and the spouse attend the entire program as a couple.

The program will be delivered as a 3-day boot camp that consists of a combination of multiple brain-focused coaching programs to replace worries and fears with excitement and peace.

Aidil Akbar

Performance, Business, and Wealth Coach

An associate coach in Vanaya Coaching International, an organizational development and transformation company through coaching and neuroscience technology. He is a Co-Founder AzzwarS Perfume and an entrepreneur who have started the world of entrepreneurship since 2004.

Irzan Nurman

Performance, Business, and Wealth Coach

He is the most influential doctorpreneur in social media with more than 10 years of extensive experience in acupuncture, slimming, and antiaging technology and industry.

Sonny Sofjan

Leadership, Wealth, and Agile Coach

Co-Founder of Vanaya & Co. He is a leadership coach & digital transformation coach who has more than 2.500 coaching hours for business owners, investors, and top leaders. He has strong interest in digital transformation and digital culture in corporate & large scale organisations
As professional coach, he holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certifications.

Yuwana Ilanko Irwansah

Leadership, Performance, and Business Coach

Leadership and Productivity Coach who had >10 years professional experience in sales and marketing at FMCG mutinational companies. As professional coach, he holds the Erickson Professional Coach (EPC) certifications