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Culture Agent Academy

Empowering culture champions and agents to be cultural role models and influencers who are keen and capable to drive culture transformation.​

Successful change management is in the hand of the agents of change. However, many culture change leaders are failing in becoming the role model. They are themselves are having struggle in adopting the new culture.

For example, in Digital Transformation (DX) implementation, the culture change leaders must adopt digital habit of frequently updating work progress in company’s digital platform. Once they master the digital habit, these culture leaders are not equipped with knowledge to replicate their experience to their colleagues. It causes slow adoption to your new culture implementation. The complication will escalate, especially when some of your employees are threatened by the change that take place.

Your duty, as HR Director or Culture Head/Manager, are the followings:

  1. You must transform the leaders to be the culture champions who lead the culture change by example.

  2. You must facilitate the culture leaders to build a solid team of culture agent who are able to accelerate the culture transformation.

  3. Improve employee’s engagement through values alignment to company’s culture.

Your challenge is that culture change program has a lengthy duration. It may take years to accomplish. To keep your culture leaders in the top performance, you must facilitate them to trigger the change from within themselves. In our Culture Change Academy, we will equip your culture leaders with leadership commitment from within themselves. Their inner commitment will last long and can motivate the culture team they lead.

Key Takeaways

The followings are the key takeaways for you after joining our program:

Why should you join our Culture Change Academy?

Culture change is a long program. You must ensure your leader’s commitment endure such long period from within. Our program will ensure that:

  1. Their commitment arise from inside using our brain-focused approach.

  2. The culture leaders will be able to replicate their experience to inspire other to change using our brain-focused approach.

  3. Everybody on your organization will be able accelerate their adoption to the new culture.

  4. Since all those process above are inside-out, no one feels that they are forced to change. This will create an atmosphere of high employee engagement.

Are you ready to equip your culture leaders with culture change endurance? How can you run a short culture change preparation program that will last long for your culture change leaders? Talk to our representative to learn how we can help you with Culture Change Academy.




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