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Coaching Master Class

Mastering advanced coaching skills for experienced coaches through evidence-based coaching that is awarded up to 64 CCEU by ICF.

Are you a leader who has been trained to coach but found that your coaching impact is less than expected? You may have followed the steps of a popular coaching framework, but you still have not seen any significant behavior change in your team or accelerated improvement in your team’s performance. You may have used open-ended questions using a certain check-list or formula, but your team becomes reluctant to be coached and avoid coming to coaching sessions.

Are you a professional coach who needs to upgrade your coaching skills to the next level? You may feel a lack of deep coaching skills that bring true impact to your coachees, even though you have been certified for years. You may need to renew your coaching accreditation, but you have not fulfilled the required continuing education units. You may also have explored many advanced coach training programs, but have not found a deep, scientifically sound program.

Regardless of coaching skills and experience level, Coaching Master Class with Vanaya Ind