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Agile Leadership

Transform Your Leaders to Become Agile Leaders, Enjoy the Mind-Changing Journey

In times of constant disruption and unexpected multidimensional challenges, speed to adapt, flexibility to respond, and continuous learning to innovate are the keys of business continuity. Becoming agile is not the goal, surviving an organization is. The increasing demand of transition to agile organization requires leaders to become agile.

So, what is Agile Leadership? Agile Leadership is the style of leadership that put guidance and partnership over command and control. It is a suitable approach to dealing with complexity and uncertainty. Agile leadership is not about doing things with agility, it is about becoming agile leaders by embracing the agile values and principles, and, in doing so, nurturing the agile culture within organization.

Leadership agility is directly related with brain agility. Transformation to become an Agile Leader, thus, involves optimization and alteration of specific brain functions that relate with agility using a brain-focused method, the CARE Model®.