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Unlearning for Growth: Lyra Puspa's Insights from Permata Learning Week 2023

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Lyra Puspa at the Permata Learning Week 2023

Permata Learning Week 2023, a highly anticipated learning festival for all PermataBankers, has been successfully ongoing, continuing its tradition of fostering knowledge exchange and personal growth. Organized with the theme "Creating Impact Together," the event aims to empower employees to become brand ambassadors and emphasizes customer satisfaction as the core of decision-making. As part of this transformative journey, Vanaya & Co, represented by Lyra Puspa, shared valuable insights on the topic "Learn to Unlearn."

Lyra Puspa, the President of Vanaya & Co, brought a fresh perspective to the ongoing Permata Learning Week. On Thursday, August 24th, 2023, she delivered her session titled "Learn to Unlearn." This session explored the importance of unlearning in the face of rapid changes in business and communication landscapes. Through her expertise, Lyra highlighted that unlearning is a crucial process for shedding outdated beliefs and paradigms, enabling individuals and businesses to embrace new ideas and perspectives.

Lyra's presentation covered the concept of unlearning, its benefits in the business context, ways to gain deeper customer insights through unlearning, and strategies for overcoming barriers in this process. Attendees gained valuable takeaways that have the potential to reshape their approaches to communication, product development, and services.

Fermana Nusantara, Head of Ecosystem Partnership PermataBank (left) as the moderator, Lyra Puspa, President of Vanaya & Co, and Dayan Sadikin, Human Resources Director at PermataBank (right)

The event took place in a hybrid format at Permata Bank Bintaro Tower, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, allowing participants to attend both in-person and online via Zoom. This approach ensured inclusivity and accessibility, enabling a wider audience to benefit from Lyra's insights and expertise.

Theresia Kusumaningtyas, Senior Vice President of HR Learning and Development at PermataBank, commended Lyra Puspa's expertise in brain and neuro science and acknowledged the relevance of the "Learn to Unlearn" topic. She underscored the natural tendency of individuals to resist change and the importance of cultivating flexibility in learning. Theresia expressed gratitude for Lyra's contribution to the event, noting that her insights were not only easy to understand but also provided fresh perspectives.

In conclusion, Permata Learning Week 2023 continues to make a significant impact on PermataBankers by providing a space for continuous learning and growth. As the event unfolds, attendees are equipped with valuable tools to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape, armed with a deeper understanding of unlearning's role in fostering innovation and adaptability.

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