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Leading Digital with Agility Batch 9 : Pioneering Digital Leadership in a Transformative Era

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, savvy leaders recognize the paramount significance of acquiring and mastering digital leadership skills as an indispensable strategy for not only surviving but thriving. The relentless pace of technological advancements and the shifting dynamics of the global marketplace demand that leaders stay at the forefront of digital innovation, harnessing its potential to lead their organizations to sustainable success and competitive advantage

Enter Vanaya & Co's Leading Digital with Agility (LDwA) program, an Executive Education and Certification Program that equips leaders to navigate the complexities of the digital era effectively. LDwA isn't just another leadership course. It stands apart as the first and only program in Indonesia with the prestigious ICAgile ICP-LEA global accreditation, signaling its international recognition.

The LDwA journey is designed for business leaders from middle management to the top executive level, transcending organizational functions and industries. The program is ideal for those aiming to leverage digital strategies to drive business growth, particularly those engaged in current or upcoming digital transformation initiatives within their organizations.

Unlocking Digital Leadership with LDwA: A Glance at the Program

On October 11th, 2023, the LDwA program began its journey at Upnormal Coffee Ampera, Cilandak Selatan, Pasar Minggu. As part of the larger LDwA batch 9 program, this eight-week transformative journey spans from September 20, 2023, to November 15, 2023.

The program's hybrid format allowed participants to engage in valuable in-person and virtual sessions, fostering collaborative learning experiences.

Leading the charge on the first day of LDwA was Setya Rahadi, an accomplished Executive and Leadership Coach. Setya took participants on an enlightening journey through the vital concepts of leadership agility and its profound relevance in the digital age.

On the second day of LDwA, October 12, 2023, participants were privileged to be guided by Lyra Puspa, the esteemed President of Vanaya & Co. Lyra delved deep into the captivating topic of "What Makes an Agile Leader," offering profound insights into the qualities and characteristics that define agile leadership in the modern digital era.

Her discussions extended to encompass various facets of agility, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the different types and dimensions of agility.

The LDwA program, enriched with dynamic sessions led by industry experts, marks a significant step forward in the journey to digital leadership excellence. It serves as a beacon for business leaders aspiring to become agile, adaptable, and successful in a digital world.

With knowledge gained and connections forged, LDwA participants are primed to lead their organizations into the digital era, equipped with the skills to thrive and innovate in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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