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Vanaya Talk: Unlocking The Operational Agility - Used Case McDonald's Indonesia

Coaches: Ronni Rambe. Sonny Sofjan


September 19, 2023


16:00 - 17.00 WIB


VANAYA Learning Space





Are you ready to gain invaluable insights into operational agility from one of the world's most iconic brands? We are thrilled to invite you to an exclusive online talkshow event that delves deep into the strategies behind McDonald's Indonesia's operational agility success

Meet our speakers Ronni Rambe, Director of Supply Chain Procurement QA RSG McDonlad Indonesia and Sonny Sofjan, Co-FOunder & Agile Coach from Vanaya Indonesia. It will be very interesting how Ronni will explain operational agility in the daily operations of McDonalds Indonesia and Sonny Sofjan will explain Agility as Competency or Capacity

What is Operational Agility?

Operational agility refers to an organization's ability to adapt and respond quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, market conditions, customer demands, and competitive pressures. It involves the capacity to make rapid and informed decisions, reallocate resources, and adjust processes and strategies as needed to seize opportunities or mitigate risks.

Operational agility is a critical component of overall business agility, which encompasses an organization's ability to adapt at multiple levels, including strategic, tactical, and operationalOperational agility is the key to McDonald's Indonesia's ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic marketplace. It's the art of seamlessly responding to ever-changing circumstances, ensuring efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Join us to uncover how McDonald's Indonesia has mastered this essential skill.

Why is it Important to Join This Vanaya Talk?

This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity to :

Learn from the Best. Hear directly from McDonald's Indonesia's top executives and operational experts as they share their strategies, challenges, and success stories.

Gain Actionable Insights: Discover real-world tactics and innovative solutions that can be applied to your own organization, regardless of industry.

Get in Touch with Leaders Virtually

Connect with like-minded professionals, industry peers, and potential collaborators during our interactive Q&A sessions.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: In today's ever-changing business landscape, staying agile is not a luxury but a necessity. Acquire the knowledge and tools to future-proof your organization.

Who is Fit to Join This Event?

This talkshow is tailor-made for :

Corporate Leaders: CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and decision-makers looking to enhance their organization's operational efficiency.

Entrepreneurs: Seeking to infuse agility into their start-ups or SMEs to navigate the challenges of growth.

Business Professionals: Managers, directors, and anyone eager to understand and implement agile strategies in their roles.

Students and Academics: Keen to explore real-world examples of operational agility for academic research or personal development.Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to discover the secrets behind McDonald's Indonesia's operational agility! Register now and secure your spot at the forefront of agility in the corporate world.

Join us for a transformative talkshow that could redefine your organization's approach to operational excellence.

Seats are limited, so act fast! Register now to secure your spot!

Learn more about Leading Digital with Agility certification program here.

Sonny Sofjan

Leadership and Agile Coach

Co-Founder of Vanaya & Co. He is a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business from MIT & Columbia Business School (Emeritus), MBA graduates from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from University of Indonesia's with more than 22 years experience as an Executive Professionals in various leading companies nationwide and internationally in the Oil & Gas industry and Chemical & Petrochemical.

All those journeys help him professionally grow with responsible for the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical and various industrial sector market development.

The latest education program in Digital Business gives a strong digital exposure in corporate level on how to manage the digital transformation and business development in digital era

This experience forged my expertise in the field of Corporate Digital Transformation, Corporate Learning, Business Development, Salesmanship, Investment, and Corporate Planning.

As professional coach, with more than 2500 coaching hours, he holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certifications from ICF.

He also mastered how to Use practical methods to improve his work, including task analysis, user interviews and usability tests, through his mastery of design thinking.

Ronni Rambe

Director of Supply Chain Procurement QA RSG - Mc Donald Indonesia

Ronni Rombe is a practitioner in the field of Supply Chain & Logistics with more than 20 years of experience.

Experience in Supply Chain & Logistics in various industries such as Mining and Oil & Gas, Industrial (Manufacturing), Automotive, Consumer Goods (FMCG), Electronics provides valid evidence of Ronni Rambe as a practitioner in the field of Supply Chain & Logistics


Vanaya Talk: Unlocking The Operational Agility - Used Case McDonald's Indonesia

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