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Christie Aditya

Project Operation Coordinator

Christie Aditya graduated from Trisakti School of Media and Communication with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. With approximately 14 years of work experience in various industries, Christie has gained expertise in different areas. He spent 4 years in the agency and printing industry, 9 years in Event Management, GA, and Operational Support, and the past year exploring the role of a Project Manager. Currently, he actively oversees two companies under her leadership, namely Kangpotocabutan Studio and Laundesign Agency.

Throughout his career, Christie has transformed from starting at the bottom to holding strategic positions as a decision-maker and problem solver. This journey of learning and working for 14 years has not been easy nor quick. His ability to solve problems and effectively communicate with stakeholders and clients is what sets her apart.

What makes Christie exceptional is his ability to establish good communication at all levels. He has a unique talent for visualizing ideas and providing spontaneous problem-solving solutions, particularly during critical moments. His strong commitment to providing high-quality service to clients and stakeholders further distinguishes his from others.

With his strengths in communication, visualization, and problem-solving, Christie has ventured into the project management field this year, introducing a fresh perspective to her work. His focus lies in ensuring the end-to-end process of a project aligns with the journey, emphasizing efficiency, timeliness, zero complaints, and maintaining client satisfaction.

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