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What is Digital Marketing Practitioner (DMP)?

Digital Marketing Practitioner (DMP) certification program is perfect foundation for corporate leaders and marketers who need a sound understanding of A-Z of digital marketing landscape in order to take effective strategic marketing decision in digital era. You will get 5 days comprehensive learning of digital marketing disciplines that offers a solid understanding of not only how each discipline works, but how the disciplines work together.  

We provide certification program for 360 degrees overview of digital marketing with 8 Digital Principles designed for corporate leaders that covers: hands-on digital perspective, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine and display advertising, mobile marketing, and web analytics. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • Solid understanding of A-Z digital marketing principles 
  • Connection between strategic business direction and digital marketing techniques  
  • Hands-on approach delivered by digital marketing practitioners 
  • Strategic digital marketing insight as well as practical implementation 
  • Real business impact with workable project implementation in organization 

Who Should Join?

  • Marketing Managers 
  • Product Managers 
  • Brand Managers 
  • Commercial Business Leaders 
  • Sales Managers 
  • Digital Marketing Specialists 
  • Marketing Communication Managers 
  • Public Relation Managers 

What is Digital Marketing Technologist (DMT)?  

Digital Marketing Technologist (DMT) is a perfect skills development program for digital marketing professionals, who need tech-steroid injection knowledge and skills to achieve business goals and winning competition in digital age. 

You will get 3 days comprehensive learning to get certification to help optimizing digital marketing projects with the latest technology in each platform that includes these 6 following hands-on modules: google AdWords fundamentals, google search advertising, google display network intensive class, mobile marketing intensive class, YouTube advertising intensive class, and google analytics intensive class.

What are the benefits?

  • Get advance understanding in A-Z digital marketing platform 
  • Confidently optimize your digital marketing projects with the cutting-edge technology 
  • Establish digital marketing strategies roadmap to achieve business goals 
  • Acquire best practice insights to enhance your digital marketing project  
  • Empower yourself as DMT certified expert and create much more values for your company 

Who should join?

  • SEO Optimizers and Practitioners
  • Digital Marketing Optimizers
  • Content Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketing Consultants
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Mobile Marketing Strategists
  • Digital Agency Professionals

Master Digital Marketing Practitioner (MDMP)

Master Digital Marketing Practitioner is specific mastery certification program that provide deep learning on certain digital marketing capabilities for marketing practitioner so they become an expert for that field to bring standing outcome for the Company.


  • Offers you to create a priceless expert leader in specific field of digital marketing.
  • Enhance your company to build great digital marketing strategy based on collaboration between an expert analysis and deep scientific consideration on decision making.
Google Certification Program
FB - IG Ads
Digital Brand Protection
CRM Platorm