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Leading with Agility Batch 9

360 Rubik's Cube Thinking of Leading Digital


SEPTEMBER 20, 2023


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Aston Priority SImatupang & Vanaya Learning Space


Aston Priority Simatupang + Webinar



Leading with Agility

ICP LEA Certified from ICAgile

As digital disruption continues to reshape industries, businesses are transforming, the nature of work is changing, and leadership roles are evolving. However, the stakes are high. Despite the enormous pressure to stay ahead of the competition, more than 80% of digital transformations across the globe fail. (1)

The problem is not the new technologies or systems themselves. Most digital transformations fail because of inadequacy in the digital readiness and savviness of the people. Only 9% of organizations believe that they have leaders with the right skills to thrive in the digital economy. (2).

In order to succeed in navigating digital disruption, business leaders must set a tone of agility and be digitally savvy. Effective digital transformation, thus, must start from leadership transformation.

Organizations are imperative to transforming their talents from “doing” digital things to “becoming” digital leaders. Leading with Agilty (LwA) is a professional certification program, accredited by International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile - ) in Leading with Agility, to transform your key talents into digital leaders by leveraging their capacity in driving digital transformation. It provides a 360-degree Rubik’s cube of thinking, innovating, decision-making, and behaving digitally through end-to-end perspectives of a digital enterprise. Led by prominent experts and hands-on executives, this 6-week intensive program will equip your leaders with a strategic digital mindset and comprehensive digital leadership competencies.

Leading with Agility is about developing of 360 rubik’s cube of thinking, behaving, and making strategic decisions at the organization level.

Key takeaways:

Neurometric - Agile Neuro Index

NEUROMETRIC® - Agile Neuro Index is an organizational neurodynamic modelling to reveal the brain signature profile of potential talents or leaders in order to discover theorganizational brain gap and decide which specific brain systems that areneeded to optimize or alter in relation with achieving organization goals.

Note : This is optional for participants. The above price is not included Agile Neuro Index data acquisition

Why you should join this program?
  • You will hear the cutting edge of knowledge, science, and framework in digital transformation from prominent experts with proven track records.

  • You will leave with digital transformation strategies and best practices from highly reputable executives with hands-on digital transformation experiences.

  • You will leave with a digital innovation plan that is ready to be proposed to top management and implemented within your organization.

  • You will earn a global certification in Digital Leadership that brings a competitive advantage to your future career enhancement in the digital age.

Who should join this program?

This program is best suited for business leaders from middle management to top executive level across organizational functions and industries who aspire to use digital to drive business growth, preferably with a current or near future digital transformation project. You will apply the learnings, concepts, frameworks, and strategies to an actual digital initiative within your organization.

How is this program delivered?