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Vanaya Executive Brunch - Driving Change with Agility (Exclusive Invitation)

Enny Sampurno - Vice President Customer Operation, Unilever Indonesia & Lyra Puspa - President Vanaya & Co


26 July 2023


9.00 AM - 11.30 AM


JS Luwansa Hotel


HR Rasuna Said No.22, Jakarat 12940


Exclusive Invitation

As a top leader who directly handles the digital transformation process at Unilever Indonesia, Enny Sampurno - VP Customer Operation in Unilever Indonesia, is the right person for you to discuss about the best corporate strategy for transforming your organization and how the agility of leaders becomes very fundamental.

From the applied neuroscience point of view, Lyra Puspa as President Vanaya & Co and an Organizational Neuroscientist will dissect what brain signatures each leader must have, whose data is collected directly from the leaders' brains through the EEG device and the Brain Computer Interface.

Agility is vital for driving change because it enables organizations to navigate a rapidly changing environment, be flexible and responsive, foster innovation, engage stakeholders, facilitate continuous learning, and overcome resistance

Driving Change requires agility because it allows individuals and organizations to adapt and respond effectively to the ever-changing and uncertain business landscape.

Here are a few reasons why agility is crucial in driving change :

Rapidly evolving environment: The world is constantly changing, with technological advancements, market disruptions, and shifting customer demands. To drive change successfully, organizations need to be agile in order to quickly identify emerging trends, assess their implications, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Flexibility and responsiveness: Agility enables organizations to be flexible and responsive to new opportunities or challenges. By embracing an agile mindset, they can quickly pivot their plans, reallocate resources, and adapt their processes to capitalize on emerging opportunities or mitigate risks.

Innovation and experimentation: Driving change often involves introducing new ideas, products, or services. An agile approach encourages experimentation and fosters a culture of innovation, where individuals and teams are empowered to take calculated risks, learn from failures, and iterate on their solutions to drive meaningful change.

Engaging stakeholders: Change initiatives require the support and participation of various stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Agility allows organizations to engage these stakeholders effectively by involving them in the change process, seeking their input, and incorporating their feedback. This collaborative approach builds trust, alignment, and ownership, increasing the likelihood of successful change implementation.

Continuous learning and improvement: Agility emphasizes continuous learning and improvement. Organizations that are agile in driving change constantly seek feedback, measure results, and adapt their approaches based on insights gained. This iterative process helps refine strategies, optimize outcomes, and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Overcoming resistance and barriers: Change often faces resistance from individuals or existing systems and processes. Agility helps in navigating and overcoming these barriers by fostering open communication, providing clear rationale, and addressing concerns effectively. By staying agile, organizations can respond to resistance and adjust their change strategies to increase acceptance and adoption.

Your Key Take Away from Vanaya Executive Brunch

You will get a holistic understanding of how to navigate and lead change in a dynamic business environment such as :

Strategies for leading change: You will learn about effective strategies and frameworks for leading change initiatives. This may include understanding the change process, identifying change agents, creating a compelling vision, and developing a change management plan.

The latest technology in defining your brain capacity in adapting change through Agile Neuro Index (ANI) Neurometric. NEUROMETRIC® is an organizational neurodynamic modelling of talents’ or leaders’ brain activities data to discover the organizational brain signature and brain gap and provide actionable insights which specific brain systems that are needed to optimize or alter in relation with achieving organization goals

Change management best practices: Vanaya Brunch may cover proven change management practices and strategies. This may include change communication strategies, managing resistance to change, stakeholder engagement techniques, and measuring change success.

Building a culture of agility: You will likely learn about fostering a culture of agility within organizations. This may involve cultivating a mindset of experimentation, encouraging innovation, empowering teams, promoting cross-functional collaboration, and creating a learning-oriented environment.

Case studies and real-world examples: The seminar may feature case studies and real-world examples of organizations that have successfully driven change with agility. These examples can provide valuable insights and practical lessons that you can apply in your own context.

Networking and collaboration: Attending a seminar on driving change with agility provides an opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals. You can share experiences, exchange ideas, and learn from others' challenges and successes.

Lyra Puspa

Business & Organisational Neuroscientist

South East Asia Ericksonian Coaching Guru, #1 Asian Brain-Focused Coaching Master Coach. She is the President and Founder of Vanaya & Co, a leading Organizational Development & Transformation company in Indonesia through coaching intervention & neuroscience technology

Enny Hartati Sampurno

As one of the top management at Unilever Indonesia, Enny Sampurno is one of Indonesia's best talents who in the last 25 years has developed her professional career at Unilever Indonesia.

She believes in the power of positive mindset, agility, and supportive environment. Having been through leadership journey in the different functions of Finance, Supply Chain, HR, and Sales over her 25 years careers. The journey taught her on the power of versatility and agility. Her purpose is now to create an environment for everyone around me to believe on themselves, take a bigger challenge, and to believe that impossible is nothing.

On her personal side, she loves going to the mountain with her husband. It feels so good to reconnect with the nature and remind us to be humble and grateful. Yoga and reading are another activities that make her happy

HR Rasuna Said No.22, Jakarat 12940

Vanaya Executive Brunch - Driving Change with Agility (Exclusive Invitation)

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