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Yudika Nababan

Creative Director

Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of IKJ (Institut Kesenian Jakarta) in 1995, majoring in Graphic Design, Yudika has a strong passion for photography, videography, music, and writing. His experience in handling various design needs for leading companies in Indonesia, both in advertising and as a freelancer, has strengthened his intuition in visual communication.

Entering the digital and social media era in 2005, Yudika became actively involved in designing and developing websites for companies and non-profit organizations. Exploring various online platforms, Yudika formed a graphic design learning community in 2007 called Until 2013, Yudika actively taught design principles and theory to non-graphic designers who worked in fields related to design. This community, which also organized offline activities, attracted participants from various regions in Indonesia and some from abroad. It also taught them how to compete and earn income from crowdsourcing, which was not as prevalent as it is now. The community emphasized ethics in creating artwork, creative design methods, and presentation techniques in online platforms. gained popularity in search engines with the keyword "belajar desain grafis" and consistently ranked at the top of search results, competing with formal training institutions and courses at the time. In 2008, Yudika was asked to mentor multimedia students at a vocational school in Jakarta, helping them think creatively and explore ideas while being sensitive to visual elements in designing various graphic items. Until 2013, Yudika successfully accompanied the school in winning several national-level design competitions.

His busy schedule also includes forming a photography community and together they cover various major events in Indonesia such as Djakarta Warehouse Project, Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta Fashion Week, Jember Fashion Carnaval, Hammersonic, as well as international-level dance, theater, and ballet performances in Indonesia. He processes his photo and video documentation into engaging digital content. He is currently an active Content Director at, focusing on promoting and covering various events in Indonesia.

These various activities have shaped his sensitivity in balancing artistic aspects and communication goals in various branding items he handles for various clients. They have also enriched his understanding in guiding and developing teams to be more open, creative, and uphold ethical standards, when working independently or as part of a team.

Joining Vanaya Indonesia since early 2022, Yudika is responsible for the role of Creative Director in website development, video collateral needs, graphic design, and digital content.

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