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Lula Kania Valenza

Neuroscience Researcher

Lula is a Researcher who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her deep curiosity and profound interest in the human brain and behavior led her to discover her passion in Neuroscience.

She improved her skills and gained expertise in collecting brain waves data using EEG (electroencephalograph) during her time as an EEG Research Assistant for Biology ITB's community service research in 2021.

Lula has been working as a Neuroscience Researcher at Vanaya Indonesia since early 2022, specialized in managing Neurometric experiments. Her responsibilities include overseing EEG data collection or BrainScan, conducting research and development of new experiments, and ensuring excellent product quality. Her invaluable experience spans numerous projects, allowing her to successfully collect hundreds of BrainScan measurements. Recently, she has been assisting IMERI with their Neuromarketing Research as an EEG researcher, which has allowed her to broaden her knowledge and competence.

Her strong passion for the field drives her to explore deeper and make meaningful contributions to both medical and non-medical applications of neuroscience.

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