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Wealth Academy

Uplifting the Financial Burden to Improve Productivity

Living from paycheck to paycheck is a stressful situation that may lead to low level of productivity at work. Nearly four in five employees with high financial stress say that they are distracted by financial stress at work, whilst two in three credit card holders are stress about their increasing debt despite the rise of their salary.

Rooted in the brain science of financial resilience, Wealth Academy® program from Vanaya uses brain-focused Wealth Training and Coaching approach to uplift the financial burden of your employees and maintain their optimum level of productivity at work. This program provides a proven and practical solution to reach a minimum threshold of Financial Security stage in the Sustainable Wealth Ladder® that enables your employees to focus their energy to achieve high performance.

Key Takeaways from Wealth Academy® Program

Why Bring A Wealth Academy® Program in Your Organization?

Wealth Academy® program has helped thousands of employees to increase their productivity at work by removing the mental burden of financial distress in their life. Through Wealth Academy® program, Vanaya helps your organization to address:

  • Concerns about low level of productivity of high potential people due to hidden financial distress

  • Employee engagement and loyalty to the organization by providing support for their wealth management

  • Capacity improvement to achieve higher performance through better focus and higher level of energy at work

This program combines brain-focused training and coaching that is specifically designed to improve Financial Intelligence using the Income Pentagon® platform.

Income Pentagon® is a wealth management framework that is developed based on brain science of resilience and proven wealth strategies. It involves five core streams of passive and active incomes: salary management, passive income from business, gold reserve, passive income from property, and financial investment.

How to Experience the Wealth Academy® Program?

The program will be delivered as a 3-day offline workshop or a series of online webinars that consists of six 3-hour webinar events. The structure of the Wealth Academy® program contains the following topics:

  1. Wealth Mindset

  2. Salary Management Strategy

  3. Passive Business Strategy

  4. Property Investment Strategy

  5. Gold Strategy

  6. Financial Assets Strategy

A Brief Overview of Our Solutions

Sonny Sofjan

Leadership and Agile Coach

Co-Founder of Vanaya & Co. He is a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business from MIT & Columbia Business School (Emeritus), MBA graduates from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from University of Indonesia's with more than 22 years experience as an Executive Professionals in various leading companies nationwide and internationally in the Oil & Gas industry and Chemical & Petrochemical.

All those journeys help him professionally grow with responsible for the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical and various industrial sector market development.

The latest education program in Digital Business gives a strong digital exposure in corporate level on how to manage the digital transformation and business development in digital era

This experience forged my expertise in the field of Corporate Digital Transformation, Corporate Learning, Business Development, Salesmanship, Investment, and Corporate Planning.

As professional coach, with more than 2500 coaching hours, he holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certifications from ICF.

Irzan Nurman

Performance, Business, and Wealth Coach

He is the most influential doctorpreneur in social media with more than 10 years of extensive experience in acupuncture, slimming, and antiaging technology and industry.

Aidil Akbar

Performance, Business, and Wealth Coach

An associate coach in Vanaya Coaching International, an organizational development and transformation company through coaching and neuroscience technology. He is a Co-Founder AzzwarS Perfume and an entrepreneur who have started the world of entrepreneurship since 2004.

Yuwana Ilanko Irwansah

Leadership, Performance, and Business Coach

Leadership and Productivity Coach who had >10 years professional experience in sales and marketing at FMCG mutinational companies. As professional coach, he holds the Erickson Professional Coach (EPC) certifications


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