Vibrant Resilience

Build Your Talent Resilience Through Brain-Focused Coaching

To deal with the immediate risk of crisis, organizations should focus on planning their business continuity with both urgency and calmness. Organizational resilience is the key of both business survival in times of crisis and navigating through the new normal. Vanaya will help you on building mental resilience of your talents towards volatility and uncertainty to stay vibrant and productive in spite of rapid change and crisis.

Vibrant Resilience® is a personal resilience building program that activates the resilient neural pathways through brain-focused coaching and exercises. Rooted in neuroscience studies of resilience and empirically-proven in improving Team Resilience Index, this program is designed to optimize the specific mental-toughness aspects of four vibrant mind-brain functions .

As humans, we have four mind-brain functions that contribute to how we think, feel, decide, and behave in a particular way. Those are:

  • Doing (Sensing and Moving)

  • Thinking (Perceiving and Reasoning)

  • Feeling (Experiencing and Connecting)

  • Reflecting (Contemplating and Revealing)

After finishing this program, your talents will be able to manage their mind-brain functions deliberately whenever they feel under pressure.

Key Takeaways from Vibrant Resilience® Program

Why should You Implement Vibrant Resilience®?

Elevate the resilience level of your talents and leaders through Vanaya’s brain-focused intervention. Vibrant Resilience® Program will help your organization to address the following challenges:

  • Building talents’ ability to withstand stressful situation, survive a crisis, and rapidly recover from downturn

  • Enhancing team’s capability to thrive in a world of volatility and uncertainty

  • Improving the capacity of your organization to anticipate, respond, and adapt to sudden disruptions and unprecedented challenges

How can I Join the Vibrant Resilience® Program?

Build a resilient culture to disruption, and get your organizations ready to face this still-uncertain set of challenges and risks. Enhance your organizational capacity to overcome the turbulence through Vanaya’s Vibrant Resilience® online learning program.

The program consists of 4 interactive online sessions with 2 hours length for each session. During each session, you will be guided to experience practical exercises that will immediately build and strengthen your resilience nervous system during the session. Such exercises are easy to be applied daily at work to help you endure any future adversity and bounce back more quickly.


You talent will understand human brain survival system and acquire important skill to thrive their brain survival hijack. Managing the functioning of thebrain autonomous survival systemis part of developing physical intelligence that improves immune system and well-being.


You talent willunderstand the neurochemical pathways of emotions and how happy hormonescan improve their emotional intelligence.Emotionally intelligent people know how to manage negative emotions and hormonal balance towards well-being and sustainable happiness.


Your talent will be able to strengthen their vibrant thinking neural network and develop a vibrant mindset. Simple exercise within this session is easy to practice daily and neuroscientific studies found that it uplifts the brain’s executive function to thrive on any crisis or unexpected change.


Your talent will understand their deepest inner-drive and able to develop reflective thinking habit by balancing their whole-brain functions. This program will bring inner awareness that is essential to transform the acquired resilience ability into sustainable resilience habit.

Aidil Akbar

Performance, Business, and Wealth Coach

An associate coach in Vanaya Coaching International, an organizational development and transformation company through coaching and neuroscience technology. He is a Co-Founder AzzwarS Perfume and an entrepreneur who have started the world of entrepreneurship since 2004.

Lyra Puspa

Business & Organisational Neuroscientist

South East Asia Ericksonian Coaching Guru, #1 Asian Brain-Focused Coaching Master Coach. She is the President and Founder of Vanaya & Co, a leading Organizational Development & Transformation company in Indonesia through coaching intervention & neuroscience technology