The Art of Leading Digital

Becoming globally certified digital leaders who are equipped with 360-degree digital transformation skills from strategic to functional perspectives.​

As digital disruption continues to reshape industries, businesses are transforming, the nature of work is changing, and leadership roles are evolving. However, the stakes are high. Despite the enormous pressure to stay ahead of the competition, more than 80% of digital transformations across the globe fail1.

The problem is not the new technologies or systems themselves. Most digital transformations fail because of inadequacy in the digital readiness and savviness of the people. Only 9% of organizations believe that they have leaders with the right skills to thrive in the digital economy2. In order to succeed in navigating digital disruption, business leaders must set a tone of agility and be digitally savvy. Effective digital transformation, thus, must start from leadership transformation.

Organizations are imperative to transforming their talents from “doing” digital things to “becoming” digital leaders. The Art of Leading Digital (TALD) is a professional certification program to transform your key talents into digital leaders by leveraging their capacity in driving digital transformation. It provides a 360-degree Rubik’s cube of thinking, innovating, decision-making, and behaving digitally through end-to-end perspectives of a digital enterprise. Led by prominent experts and hands-on executives, this 6-week intensive program will equip your leaders with a strategic digital mindset and comprehensive digital leadership competencies.

Key Takeaways from The Art of Leading Digital Program

  1. Agile Neuro-Index +

  2. Leading Digital Transformation +

  3. Embracing Agility in the Digital Era +

  4. The Digitization of Business Processes +

  5. Crafting Digital Business Strategies +

  6. Data-Driven Business Imperatives +

  7. Driving Digital Innovation

Why Should You Join This Program?

  1. You will hear the cutting edge of knowledge, science, and framework in digital transformation from prominent experts with proven track records.

  2. You will leave with digital transformation strategies and best practices from highly reputable executives with hands-on digital transformation experiences.

  3. You will leave with a digital innovation plan that is ready to be proposed to top management and implemented within your organization.

  4. You will earn a global certification in Digital Leadership that brings a competitive advantage to your future career enhancement in the digital age.

Who Should Join This Program?

This program is best suited for business leaders from middle management to top executive level across organizational functions and industries who aspire to use digital to drive business growth, preferably with a current or near future digital transformation project. You will apply the learnings, concepts, frameworks, and strategies to an actual digital initiative within your organization.

How Will This Program Be Delivered?

  • Syllabus: 8 domains of Digital Leadership consisting of 3-4 modules per domain

  • Duration: 6 (six) weeks consisting of 3-4 modules per week

  • Format: 100% virtual using a blended synchronous and asynchronous learning

  • Resources: More than 100 learning videos on Vanaya’s LMS platform

  • Assessment: Quizzes for each video and written exams after each live session

  • Integration: Will be coached to create a digital initiative by the end of the program

When Will This Program Start?

21 October 2022

Husein Samy

Country Manager, Human Resources IBM Indonesia

Samy is experienced Country Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology & Services industry. Strong human resources professional with rich experience in People Management, Talent Management and the use of digital technology in learning and human resources management.

Arief Mustain

Commissioner Centratama Group

A Digital Telco and Industry Strategist, A Founder of Digital Amoeba a Corporate Innovation Lab Initiative in Telkom Indonesia and IOILab in Indosat Ooredoo for Digital Talent Development and Corporate Innovation Incubator and Accelerator. Managing Open Innovation Playground as well as Digital Research Agenda and Digital Coalition Initiative. .

Arifa Febriyanti

Leadership, Performance, and Agile Coach

She is a successful senior facilitator, prominent expert with more than 15 years extensive corporate experience in Internet of Things (IoT) and Data management. Her previous IoT and Data career includes the leadership position as Head of Digital Ecosystem at Multinational company in Telecommunication sectors

Erita Santosa

GM Of Digital Acquisition Growth Retention, The Bodyshop Indonesia

Erita is a digital marketing strategist who is very experienced in applying data & analytics to digital marketing in various industrial context.
Working in various large scale corporations with a constant focus on data & analytics in the context of digital marketing proves Erita's strong talent in Digital Marketing

Fransiscus Kaurrany

EVP Group Enterprise Architecture & Service Quality Bank BCA Tbk

Frans is Indonesia's digital young talent with the passion for Agile Transformation and Digital Optimization & Transformation. Aligning Business, Bank Operation, and Technology by continuously reviewing and improving elements of People, Process, and Technologies.

Janoe Arijanto

CEO Dentsu One Indonesia

Janoe is one of the most experienced figures in the world of agency and advertising until today's digital era in Indonesia
Janoe's areas of specialisation are Communication Design and Hybrid Marketing, two crucial areas in today's era of contemporary communications.

Kaspar Situmorang

CEO Bank Raya Indonesia Tbk

Building Bank Raya, Tbk. (ex BRI Agro, Tbk.) to serve Indonesian gig economy with our digital bank solution.

Digital enabler for Bank BRI group, the biggest bank in the region. Former LinkAja board of commisioner, Regional Program Director at Silicon Valley’s hardcore DNO specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the software, telco and banking industry.

Lyra Puspa

Business & Organisational Neuroscientist

South East Asia Ericksonian Coaching Guru, #1 Asian Brain-Focused Coaching Master Coach. She is the President and Founder of Vanaya & Co, a leading Organizational Development & Transformation company in Indonesia through coaching intervention & neuroscience technology

Ones Marsali

VP of Data & Analytics Investree

Ones is one of data analytics professional with a strong working experience in financial & telecommunication industries and management consulting.
His passion for data and analytics has brought him to the level of strategic leaders in the field of data analytics by joining one of the largest Fintechs in Indonesia, Investree.

Setya Rahadi

Executive and Leadership Coach

Have >15 years of experience in setting up, managing, and leading the full spectrum of Human Resources organizations within local and regional companies.

He is a senior facilitator with extensive corporate experience in Human Resources. His previous Human Resources career includes the senior leadership position as an HR Director in Telecommunication, Technology, and Logistic sectors at both local and regional level

Sonny Sofjan

Leadership, Wealth, and Agile Coach

Co-Founder of Vanaya & Co. He is a leadership coach & digital transformation coach who has more than 2.500 coaching hours for business owners, investors, and top leaders. He has strong interest in digital transformation and digital culture in corporate & large scale organisations
As professional coach, he holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certifications.

Tomy Indarto