Digital Transformation

Transforming leaders to be digitally fluent and shifting people’s way of working toward digital culture through workable digital initiatives.​

Companies are often trapped in technological change when doing Digital Transformation (DX). It is the reason why 65% to 85% Digital Transformation failed. The core issue of Digital Transformation is in human factor. It starts with the mindset. Conventional mindset in doing business among your leaders and talents must depart. Your leaders and talents must embrace the digital mindset, behavior and habit.

It also takes time for mindset, behavior and habit to become digital fluency. You as CEO, HR Director, CTO/CITO, or CDX must accelerate the digital transformation in your team to live in the digital way of working and gaining digital fluency of doing business. Our Digital Transformation program assists you in changing conventional mindset into digital mindset, increase digital fluency and adopt digital way of working through doable digital initiatives.

We are using Brain-Focused Coaching to change mindset. The new digital mindset will transform into habit that later will determine your team behavior when facing business disruptions. This process happens inside-out of your team as if it is their second nature. Our Neurometric® will help you put the right man on the command of your digital transformation team.


The followings are the key takeaways for you after joining our program:

Why should you join our Digital Transformation Program?

The risk of Digital Transformation failure is high. Many research have shown that Digital Transformation should start with paying attention to human factor. Our program will help you:

  1. Place the right leaders in command of your digital transformation team using Neurometric®.

  2. Change their conventional mindset, behavior and habits into digital mindset, digital behavior and digital habits.

  3. Build innovative teams that produce doable digital initiatives.

 If your competitors have started digital transformation program, you should not wait any longer to start one yourself. Our team has assisted top companies in their transformation program. Contact our representative to evaluate our program.