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Data Driven Leadership

Preparing data-driven leaders who are able to implement analytics-driven decision-making and foster effective collaboration with data scientists.

In recent years, there is undeniable evidence that data-driven organizations perform better. Data also shows that organizations that use data analytics to drive business are more resilient during unprecedented crisis. However, many business leaders do not have much experience of working with big data and using it to drive decision-making in organizations.

One most highlighted concern among business leaders who hesitant to involve data analytics in their decision-making process is the perception to view analytics as technical skills that falls beyond their purview. Data-Driven Leadership program from Vanaya will help you, as business leaders, to embrace a strategic data-driven thinking and know how to harness data analytics using Data Strategy Canvas framework for better decision-making and business competitiveness.

Data Strategy Canvas is a strategic data analytics tool developed by Stylianos Kampakis that will be highly useful to help business leaders in structuring the implementation of a data science within an organization. Applying the Data Strategy Canvas is the first step toward building a data-centric organization.

Key Takeaways from Data-Driven Leadership® Program

Why should Your Organization Develop Data-Driven Leaders?

In the near future, more companies will have to build a data-driven culture throughout organization to stay competitive and thrive the digital disruptive challenges. Data-Driven Leadership Program will help organization as the first step to build such data-driven culture and address the following challenges:

  • Gaining insights from vast amounts of accumulated information

  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of managerial decision-making

  • Providing better business forecasting and market trend prediction

  • Improving business efficiency, productivity, and profitability

  • Strengthening organizational agility and resilience towards change

How to Join the Data-Driven Leadership® Program?

Equip your leaders with data-driven thinking and decision-making skills through our online or offline program as below.

A Brief Overview of Our Solutions

Sonny Sofjan

Leadership and Agile Coach

Co-Founder of Vanaya & Co. He is a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business from MIT & Columbia Business School (Emeritus), MBA graduates from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from University of Indonesia's with more than 22 years experience as an Executive Professionals in various leading companies nationwide and internationally in the Oil & Gas industry and Chemical & Petrochemical.

All those journeys help him professionally grow with responsible for the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical and various industrial sector market development.

The latest education program in Digital Business gives a strong digital exposure in corporate level on how to manage the digital transformation and business development in digital era

This experience forged my expertise in the field of Corporate Digital Transformation, Corporate Learning, Business Development, Salesmanship, Investment, and Corporate Planning.

As professional coach, with more than 2500 coaching hours, he holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certifications from ICF.

Ali Soemawilaga

Leadership and Performance Coach

More than 20 years working in the field of Human Resources, including Training and Development, at the largest telecommunication company in Indonesia. Approximately 5 years managing a cooperative business.

Sufrin Hannan

Executive and Leadership Coach

Having more than 25 years experience as a corporate executive in assurance & compliance industry, Sufrin had a solid background in Business Development and Strategic Planning. Globally certified in executive and corporate coaching, he finally joined Vanaya as our Corporate and Executive Coach.

Arifa Febriyanti

Leadership, Performance, and Agile Coach

She is a successful senior facilitator, prominent expert with more than 15 years extensive corporate experience in Internet of Things (IoT) and Data management. Her previous IoT and Data career includes the leadership position as Head of Digital Ecosystem at Multinational company in Telecommunication sectors


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