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Vanaya and The Ascott Limited Signed MoU for Leadership Development Programs 2023

[Jakarta, Indonesia] – Vanaya Indonesia, a leading brain-focused organization transformation consulting company, has signed a partnership MoU with The Ascott Limited to host collaborative Leadership Development programs. The signing took place on March, 14th, 2023 at RDTX Place building, 19th floor, Jl. Prof Satrio, Kuningan, Indonesia.

The collaborative programs aim to elevate soft-skills of Ascott Leaders and to explore new opportunities for growth in Hospitality Industry through Vanaya’s leadership programs.

CEO of Vanaya Indonesia and Country Human Resources Director of The Ascott Limited

The Ascott Limited is a leading global real estate investment manager company with a reputation for their international lodging owner-operators in over 40 countries across Asia, Middle East Africa and US, making them an ideal partner for Vanaya Indonesia.

Vanaya and The Ascott Limited Signed MOU for Leadership Development Programs 2023

"Our collaborative efforts aim to cultivate leaders who possess the style and ability to effectively guide their teams using coaching methods. We expect the leaders at Ascott to have a coaching style leadership that can be applied in their everyday life, which is to their team, to their work environment, and to outside of their team." said Albertha Sekundarti, Country Human Resources Director of The Ascott Limited.

She added that this method can be useful for improving our own business and for creating a sense of meaningfulness to the leaders in the field of hospitality. "After all, in the hospitality industry, the most important thing for this business is how to make our fellow employees more qualified in any kind of interaction, not only with guests but also with their team."

Signing MoU of Vanaya and The Ascott Limited collaborative Leadership Development Programs 2023

"Hopefully, this collaboration will run seamlessly, all planned programs will be executed effectively, and both parties will get optimum benefits. Vanaya is enthusiastic and expects to be able to add values to Ascott organization and participants through this Leadership Development programs." said Ananta Dewandhono, CEO of Vanaya Indonesia.

Learn more about Vanaya's solutions in transforming organization from within. Our solutions are designed to help organizations navigate change and achieve success in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.


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