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Vanaya Indonesia Celebrates a Decade of ACTP (now ICF Level 2)

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

[Jakarta, Indonesia] Vanaya Indonesia is proud to announce the celebration of its 10th ICF ACTP (now Level 2) program anniversary as the 1st provider in Indonesia on March, 2023. Over the past decade, Vanaya has built a reputation in the coaching industry for delivering an ICF ACTP accredited Global certification program through "The Art and Science of Coaching" (TASC) by Erickson Coaching International.

The founder of Vanaya Indonesia, Lyra Puspa, Ph.D., shared her excitement of this celebration. "Exactly 10 years ago, Vanaya was the first time in Indonesia to hold a coaching certification program at the ACTP level from ICF through the The Art and Science of Coaching program. During this decade, coaching has become significantly recognized and accepted by many groups, both in corporations,"

Lyra Puspa, Ph.D., the Founder of Vanaya

"Gradually, more and more people understand what coaching means, how it differs from various other methods of human development, and the important role of coaching for self and organization." -Lyra Puspa, The Founder of Vanaya Indonesia

ACTP (now ICF Level 2) is for organizations that provide minimum 125 contact learning hours, and it is designated as a pathway to the PCC credential, Mentor Coaching and a performance evaluation process are required for ACTP approval. The term ACTP accreditation has changed to "ICF Level 2" with several terms applied.

Eager to become a Global Certified Coach? Learn more about the 1st and ONLY ICF Level 1 & 2 accredited program in Indonesia: The Art and Science of Coaching - Essential Part 1 & 2, that will be held on May 17th, 2023.


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