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Vanaya Indonesia and PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul Signed an MoU of Development Program Partnership

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

[Jakarta, Indonesia] Vanaya Indonesia and PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul (subsidiary company of FHCI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a partnership that will bring about new opportunities for both entities on March 28th, 2023.

The MoU was signed by the CEO of Vanaya Indonesia and Director of PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul, both of whom are leaders in their respective fields. The partnership is expected to bring about significant benefits for both companies.

Vanaya Indonesia and PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul in MoU Signing Event

The MoU outlines several areas of collaboration between the two companies, which will start with the implementation of Vanaya's The Art of Leading Digital program for state-owned company (BUMN) leaders. This will be a major step forward in the development of BUMN leaders in meeting skill standards from Badan Nasional Profesi Sertifikasi (BNSP).

"The vision of FHCI is to be a Strategic Partner for Government in contributing excellent & competitive global human capital of Indonesia." said RR. Lieke R. Pangkey, the Executive Director FHCI who attended previous partnership meet-up with Vanaya Indonesia. "We believe that the ability to lead in the ever-changing digital world is crucial to develop global human capital. Hopefully, the partnership between PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul and Vanaya Indonesia will create an excellent development environment for all the participants. "

Director of PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul and CEO of Vanaya Indonesia

The director of PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul, Lien Herlina, also shared that FHCI and LPK FHCI Prima Unggul are searching for a trusted partner that could help them elevate the quality of BUMN Leaders in leading their team, specifically in this digital era. "One of the key competencies that BUMN leaders urgently need to acquire is leading digital, which is exactly what Vanaya provides in The Art of Leading Digital program. We are eager to deliver this partnership, and hopefully it will open many other opportunities for us to develop the competencies of BUMN leaders in the future."

With this MoU, Vanaya Indonesia, FHCI and PT. LPK FHCI Prima Unggul are set to forge a strong and lasting partnership that will benefit the companies, their customers, and Indonesia as a whole.

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