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Vanaya and FHCI Intend to Collaborate in Agility Development Programs

[Jakarta, Indonesia] – Vanaya Indonesia is thrilled to announce our plan in partnering with FHCI and LPK Prima. As leaders in our respective industries, we will join forces to bring our customers the very best Agility Development programs.

As a preparation of the MoU signing event, Vanaya and FHCI hosted a special meet-up on March 20th, 2023. This event will be a unique opportunity to learn more about our partnership and how it will benefit Top Leaders of BUMN. We will be sharing insights into our shared goals, strategies, and plans for the future collaboration in Agility Development Programs through Vanaya's The Art of Leading Digital.

Vanaya and FHCI Meet-up to Collaborate in Agility Development Programs

Sonny Sofjan, Co-founder of Vanaya Indonesia, also shared some of the latest and cutting edge approach of Organizational Neurotechnology. NEUROMETRIC® is an organizational neurodynamic modelling to reveal the brain signature profile of potential talents or leaders in order to discover the organizational brain gap and decide which specific brain systems that are needed to optimize or alter in relation with achieving organization goals. Vanaya has developed 3 types of Neurometrics with specific needs and goals with neurotechnology approach and brain data analytics.

Learn more about Vanaya's Professional Certification Programs in transforming organization from within. Our solutions are designed to help organizations navigate change and achieve success in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.


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