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Productivity and Resilience Development Program: Vibrant Millennial Talents

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Vibrant Millennial Talent® Program is designed to strengthen the capacity of young talents by maximizing their brain systems.
Vibrant Millenial Talent

[Gresik, Indonesia] To strengthen young talents' capabilities to become resilient, adaptive, and productive individuals, the Vibrant Millennial Talent Program has been successfully implemented. This program provides participants the knowledge and skills to become resilient and thrive in the workplace.

The Vibrant Millennial Talent® Program is designed to strengthen the capacity of young talents by maximizing their brain systems. The program offers various training modules that cover understanding emotional intelligence, stress management, communication skills, leadership, creativity, and innovation. Resilience, agility, and productivity are essential in the digital era. Through this program, participants gain in-depth knowledge on how to optimize their brain potential.

One of the main advantages of the Vibrant Millennial Talent® Program is its holistic and integrated approach. The program focuses on developing technical skills and emphasizes the essential non-technical aspects of today's working world. Participants learn to recognize and manage their emotions, communicate effectively, cope with stress, and innovate in solving complex problems. Thus, the program helps participants become well-rounded individuals ready to face career challenges.

Some participants who have attended the Vibrant Millennial Talent® Program provided highly positive testimonials. Idhandi, one of the participants, shared..

"I got to know myself better through this program as it presented extraordinary materials that helped me understand who I truly am. The program also helped me understand the growth mindset and how to break down my dreams in the long and short term. In my opinion, this is an amazing experience. The program is highly relevant to my situation in the workplace, especially since I am still new to this job."

Meanwhile, Paskahlia, another participant of Vibrant Millenial Talent, shared her experience, "One of the most impressive things is how we can manage our emotions professionally in the workplace. In the workplace, we encounter various individuals with different characters. This knowledge can help us interact and manage our emotions effectively."

Interested in optimizing your young talents' resilience, adaptivity, and productivity? Visit the Vibrant Millennial Talent® Profile. Participating in this program will give your young talents comprehensive training to strengthen their capacity for a successful career.

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