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Vanaya Indonesia Celebrates the 10th Batch of Erickson Professional Coach (EPC)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

[Jakarta, Indonesia] On March 24th, Vanaya Indonesia has successfully deliver the 10th Batch of Erickson Professional Coach (EPC) through The Art and Science of Coaching (TASC) program. The program recently received the 1st and ONLY ICF Level 2 Accreditation in Indonesia on April 1st, 2023.

Previously, the program was known as Module 3 & 4. Responding to the change of ICF credentialing pathway, the program changed its name to Advanced Course with an addition of mentoring program. Erickson Coaching International and Vanaya Indonesia have updated their accreditation structure to align with the new standard of ICF Level 1 & 2.

Lyra Puspa, Ph.D., the Founder of Vanaya, shared her thoughts on the achievement of this milestone. She mentioned that research proves that the number of coaching hours is not significantly related to the quality of coaching depth of a coach. What is far more decisive is the level of understanding and mastery of coaching competencies, which are obtained from quality coaching education and training.

"Since its entry into Indonesia, TASC has indeed forged novice coaches to be able to encourage deep and transformational changes in their coachees through an Ericksonian Coaching approach. The depth of quality of Ericksonian Coaching alumni coaches has been tested in >50 countries, including Indonesia, since 1980 until now." -Lyra Puspa, Ph.D., the Founder of Vanaya

Erickson Coaching International is the world’s largest coaching certification body with over 40,000 alumni in 45 countries. Vanaya Indonesia as a regional partner of Erickson Coaching International delivers the TASC Global Certification programs in 100% Bahasa Indonesia to provide a program that is rich in easy, applicative, and holistic coaching tools, but based on in-depth research.

The program has become significantly recognized and accepted by many groups, both in corporations, MSMEs, universities, schools, sports, and hospitals. Achmad Ardianto, President Director of PT. Timah shared his insights after participating in the program.

Ericksonian Coaching can support coachees to explore values, which inspires them to improve their mental state and ultimately increases their productivity and contribution. -Achmad Ardianto, President Director of PT. Timah

Ready to be part of a global coach network in 85 countries with over 40,000 coaches from diverse backgrounds and specialties? Learn more about Vanaya's The Art and Science of Coaching program that will be held on May 17th, 2023.

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