What is Rready to Retire?

Ready to Retire is an in-house Wealth Coaching program designed specifically for professionals who are approaching retirement age in order to earn passive income replacement salaries even before retirement. Wealth transformation program is a life-changing program to awaken wealth mindset and increase financial intelligence of retired employees. The program will be delivered by coaching-style workshop to unlock the hidden wealth potentials.

We facilitate wealth concept of income pentagon that transformed successful wealth management, retirement and personal assessment. The program is designed by Brain-based Program. Our approach is brain-based coaching model that is clinically-tested and derived from neuroscience and positive psychology.

What are your benefits?

  • Make smooth painlessly retire

  • Empower retire people to make strategies to their life after retirement
  • Make a real action plans to make happy healthy life
  • Make choices to make investment going well

Who should join?

  • HR Learning

  • HR Directors
  • Retire to be Employee/Managers