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The Art & Science of Coaching Essential Part 1 & 2, Batch 32

Coaches: Lyra Puspa, Meity Wardoyo, Diana Gunawan


MEI 17-28, 2023


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Aston Hotel TB Simatupang


Jl Jend TB Simatupang


IDR 28.000.000

The International Coaching Certification "The Art and Science of Coaching" (TASC) is an accelerated learning program to gain mastery in the field of coaching from Erickson Coaching International & Vanaya Indonesia accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) at the highest track Level 2 (Previously ACTP /Accredited Coach Training Program).

Graduates of an ICF Level 2 program may apply for an individual ICF Credential at PCC (Professional Certfied Coach)

Erickson Coaching International is the world’s largest coaching certification body with over 40,000 alumni in 45 countries. Vanaya Indonesia as a regional partner of Erickson Coaching International is the strategic partner of Erickson Coaching International, Canada for South East Asia.

The coaching method used is Erickson coaching using the Ericksonian principles of Milton Erickson, combining various neuroscience-based and positive psychology.

We offer two program options of Essential Part 1& 2 program:

  • Workshop Only with takeaway of Course Completion Certificate

  • Workshop & Mentoring Bundling with takeaways of Erickson Accredited Coach (EAC) qualification

Why should you join?
  • TASC is a coaching and certification coaching program from a leading coaching school with a track record of over 30 years

  • You will be part of a global coach network in 85 countries with over 40,000 coaches from diverse backgrounds and specialties

  • You will have very strong qualifications and coaching competencies and can be easily applied to any area of specialization you want (business coaching, life coaching, family coaching, executive coaching, etc.)

  • TASC Online will be organized using a webinar platform that is easy-to-use platform that can allows you to have fun while training, and can be interactive as much as you need. Engage all the audience with slide-in questions, live questions, and live results.

  • By completing Essential Part 1-4 and Coaching Mastery you can directly apply for a credential from ICF (ACC level: Associate Certified Coach or PCC: Professional Certified Coach) without having to go through the test process again at ICF

  • Acquire coaching methods that are rich in easy, applicative, and holistic coaching tools, but based on in-depth research

Who should join?
  • CEO, Board of Directors, Vice President, General Managers, Managers and Organizational Leaders at various levels who want to build a more effective and high-impact leadership quality

  • Coach Professionals from various fields of specialization who wish to gain mastery and certification of global quality coaching

  • Internal Coach who must do the coaching process within the organization

  • Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Consultant, and Trainer who want to be more effective in helping clients

  • Every individual who wants to be a better human being in finding his or her identity, achieving goals, and leading himself and his environment

The Insights from Our Clients

Tina Kemala Intan
HR Director, Pupuk Indonesia

"The Art and Science of Coaching program is cool!!

During this program I learned to practice my listening skills more, to be more patient. There are many tools that I learned that made me more able to apply them to my team"

Cicilia Tri Sulistyawati
Head of HR Services & Labor Relations at PT HM Sampoerna Tbk

"The program has equipped me with knowledge that has significant applicability. It has enabled me to effectively guide my team towards generating their own solutions, without relying on my direction. This module has proven to be particularly useful for all leaders, including those in top leadership positions."

Achmad Ardianto
President Director of PT. Timah

Ericksonian Coaching can support coachees to explore their values, which inspires them to improve their mental state and ultimately increases their productivity and contribution.

Lyra Puspa

Business & Organisational Neuroscientist

South East Asia Ericksonian Coaching Guru, #1 Asian Brain-Focused Coaching Master Coach. She is the President and Founder of Vanaya & Co, a leading Organizational Development & Transformation company in Indonesia through coaching intervention & neuroscience technology

Diana Gunawan

Leadership, Performance, and Business Coach

Diana Gunawan is a coach in Vanaya Coaching International, an organizational development and transformation company through coaching and neuroscience technology. She is a business owner in the retail and wholesalers industry.

Meity Wardoyo

Executive and Leadership Coach

Graduated from Atmajaya University, Meity has a solid background in leading sales and key account management team at multinational corporations. After more than 10 years experience in leadership development, she expanded her new passion in coaching and joined Vanaya as an Associate Coach.

Jl Jend TB Simatupang

The Art & Science of Coaching Essential Part 1 & 2, Batch 32

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