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Naufal Arfananda

Finance Officer

Naufal is a recent graduate from Trisakti School of Management with a Bachelor's degree in Management. With 2 years of experience in finance and management, he excels in this industry.

Throughout his career, Naufal has honed his excellent analytical thinking skills. He can analyze his work conditions and swiftly find solutions to any challenges with accuracy, thanks to his quick thinking. He is also a fast learner, always eager to acquire new knowledge. In addition, he has 1 year of experience in the field of human resources, enabling him to quickly adapt and socialize within his work environment.

What sets Naufal apart is his quick thinking ability, keen perception, and strong digital skills. He enjoys exploring financial analysis, risk management, and leveraging these skills in his work.

With diverse expertise in economics, risk management, and digitalization, Naufal always works with high integrity. He continuously seeks opportunities to develop his skills and enhance his professional competency as a finance professional.

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