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Post-M&A Culture Integration

Fostering post M&A culture integration by nurturing brain-to-brain synchrony among people and bridging cultural gap within the organization.​

How do you mix water and oil? You can’t. A team of researchers in MIT has found a way to mix water and oil to stay for a long period of time. Mixing oil and water was a very difficult task because both water and  oil have different properties. It is comparable to Post Merger and Acquisition. Both merged companies may have different culture incompatibility.

In this time of VUCA, a bigger and older company may acquire a smaller and younger company, or vice versa. The bigger one has an established bureaucratic culture while the younger one may have an agile culture. It happened when the younger Amazon acquired the older Whole Foods. It also happened when the older SAP acquired the younger Qualtrics. The younger ones’ cultures are usually based on technology and efficiency while the older ones are usually based on idealistic values. Both are competing and causing friction.

As the CEO and HR Director, you must close the gap between  both cultures, establish a mutual agreement and accelerate cohesion. However, without looking what is inside your employees’ brain, you may risk of ruining all of your efforts in culture integration.

People adopting the same culture have similar brain synchrony. Our Neurometric®, can help you map how both are separated. With our Brain-Focused approach, we can help you to create brain-to-brain synchrony to integrate both culture.

Key Takeaways

The followings are the key takeaways for you after joining our program:

Why should you join our Post M&A Culture Integration?

Our program is unique and has high success rate because of the followings:

  1. Your understanding to the cultural gap among the merged companies are based on empiric data.

  2. We help you develop integration strategy using our brain-focused approaches.

  3. You can measure the result of your chosen integration strategy based on empiric data too.

We have successfully helped the culture integration of Islamic banks merger in Indonesia. Contact our representative to understand how handled the Post M&A Culture Integration in that merger.


A Brief Overview of Our Solutions



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