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Culture Transformation

Accelerating the internalization process of new organization culture through the activation of brain-to-brain synchrony among culture agent team.​

After getting our Culture-Fit Neurometric, you will get a complete report of your leaders and employees. These brain profiles can address your problem as CEO and HR Director in the following issues:

  1. Different ways of working among people across organization

  2. Lack of employee commitment to achieve organization vision

  3. Slow adoption of a predetermined corporate culture

By understanding your employees brain profiles, you can activate brain-to-brain synchrony by matching specific brain profile with the job and positions or creating employee culture engagement program that your employees’ brains understand and like. You can accelerate the internalization process of your corporate culture and improve employee’s commitment to company’s vision. It will eventually align the beliefs, values and ways of working across organization.

We will help to recognize the key behaviors across leaders in the organization based on empiric data of your employee brain profiles. Understanding these key behaviors  will increase understanding and internalization of beliefs, values and principles among employees.



The followings are the key takeaways for you after joining our program:

Why should you join our Culture Internalization Program?
  • Joining our Culture Internalization Program, most importantly, will help you recognizing the key behaviors across your organization. Key behaviors are the building block of corporate culture. It is the artefact of your employee’s beliefs, values and principles. You can intervene the incompatible key behaviors by replacing or aligning them to the rest.

  • You can use our highly accurate tools for recognizing the key behaviors.

Uniting culture of people from various walk of life can be daunting. Allowing your employees to internalize the culture adds complexity to culture alignment. Should you experience it, we have a lot to talk about. Please contact our representatives to discuss how Culture Internalization can benefit you.


A Brief Overview of Our Solutions



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