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Coaching Style Leadership

Developing the coaching skills of your leaders to boost team performance and create future leaders through ICF and EMCC accredited program.

Effective transformational leaders are those who are able to optimize their team’s potential to reach peak performance and transform them into future leaders. The essential formula that enables leaders to become more transformational is having a set of transformative coaching skills.

Coaching Style Leadership® (CSL) is an experiential journey that equips leaders with transformative coaching skills and builds embodied coaching-style leadership habit. Scientifically proven from neuroscience perspective for its triple impacts in brain, behavior, and business, the CARE Model® will empower leaders with brain-focused coaching skills.

The CARE Model® is a coaching framework that consists of Clarity, Awakening, Resolution, and Empowerment stages in a coaching process. The CARE Model® provides various practical coaching tools that were developed based on positive psychology and neuroscientific evidence.

As a brain-focused method, the CARE® focuses on altering and optimizing team’s brain functions to have clear direction, strong drive, solid decision, and sustained determination to achieve the desired goals.

Key Takeaways from Coaching Style Leadership® Journey

Why Develop Coaching Style Leadership® in Your Organization?

By embracing Vanaya’s brain-focused coaching approach using the CARE Model®, your organization will be able to addresses the following challenges:

  • Building leaders with strong internal motivation to achieve high performance

  • Aligning company’s vision with leaders’ and employees’ personal visions

  • Developing leaders who will naturally nurture future leaders

  • Nurturing leaders who are willing to listen to and empower their team

  • Improving employee engagement through coaching style communications

How to Experience the Coaching Style Leadership® Journey?

Coaching Style Leadership® Program can be implemented as a 6-months journey of leadership transformation across organizational levels. The overall journey of the above solution and program consists of three stages:

Enjoy a vibrant experience by choosing either a complete Comprehensive journey, an experiential Intensive journey, or a practical Transformative journey as below.

The Insights from Our Clients

Diana Gunawan

Leadership, Performance, and Business Coach

Diana Gunawan is a coach in Vanaya Coaching International, an organizational development and transformation company through coaching and neuroscience technology. She is a business owner in the retail and wholesalers industry.

Meity Wardoyo

Executive and Leadership Coach

Graduated from Atmajaya University, Meity has a solid background in leading sales and key account management team at multinational corporations. After more than 10 years experience in leadership development, she expanded her new passion in coaching and joined Vanaya as an Associate Coach.

Setya Rahadi

Executive and Leadership Coach

Have >15 years of experience in setting up, managing, and leading the full spectrum of Human Resources organizations within local and regional companies.

He is a senior facilitator with extensive corporate experience in Human Resources. His previous Human Resources career includes the senior leadership position as an HR Director in Telecommunication, Technology, and Logistic sectors at both local and regional level


Executive, Leadership, and Agile Coach

Professional coach with 15 years experience  in various reputable FMCG multinational companies with extensive exposure in marketing, brand management, sales and organization development

Yuwana Ilanko Irwansah

Leadership, Performance, and Business Coach

Leadership and Productivity Coach who had >10 years professional experience in sales and marketing at FMCG mutinational companies. As professional coach, he holds the Erickson Professional Coach (EPC) certifications


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