Nunny Hersianna

CCP, MNLP, EPCCorporate & Leadership Coach

Education :
Institut Pertanian Bogor

Background :
Director with 20 years experience in poultry farm industry
Education Consultant in Indonesia – Malaysia Education Consultant Company
Sekolah Islam Al Ikhlas Jakarta as Executive Director
Yayasan Masjid Al Ikhlas Jakarta as Board of Executive
Hypnolangsing Slimming Program as CEO /Co-Developer

Current position :
Executive Director of Education at Sekolah Islam Al Ikhlas Jakarta with 1200 students
Commisioner at SOSEK INC – PT Sosek Indoagro Cemerlang
Founder & Coach at GOLANGSING (slimming & Wellbeing Coaching Center )
Director at PT Kubah Inspirasi; Human Capital Management Consultant

Certification :
Erickson Professional Coach (EPC)
Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP)
Certified Hypnotherapist – IBH jakarta
Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming – Approved by DR Richard Bandler
7th path Self hypnosis Teacher, Banyan Hypnosis Center
Master Hypnotist Certification, Banyan Hypnosis Center
5 P.A.T.H Hypnotherapist , Banyan Hypnosis Center – NGH International Certification of Hypnotherapist, Banyan Hypnosis
Selling Charisma Certification, Owen Fitzpatrick International,
Virtual Gastric Band Therapist, Master – LCCH Kuala Lumpur,
Application of NLP, Richard Bandler – Netherland
TAT Practitioner for selfhealing, Reza Gunawan & Tapas Flemming
Emotional Skill & Competence + Evaluating Truth & Credibility Practitioner; PaulEkman International Indonesia