Heru Wiryanto

Specialization :

Human Resources Technology Consultant with the specificity of the field; Building Institutional Transformation through the implementation of the value of healthy and high-performing organizations, HR and Predictive People analytics to develop the Data Mining in HR, Computer Adaptive Testing and gamification and concept of Positive-based Measurement .

For 25 years to pursue his life experiences are supported by interest in the high field measurement objective in the management of human resources to encourage graduates of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Padjadjaran, and the Post Graduate School of Psychology and University of Indonesia is to innovate and to adopt the concepts and methods in the business world such as the adoption Structural Equation Modeling, Rasch Model and Item Response Theory, Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, People Analytics and Predictive Analytics so was born the concepts such as: Leadership Model Integrated, Model Organization Healthy and High Performance, Model Thinking Computing, Model Policy Evaluation tested objectively by supporting data is empirical, Brainwave Assessment, Customer Churn Predictive Analytics, Talent Pool Predictive Analytics.

Current Position :

Computational Social Scientist- Digital Social Scientist at Bandung Innovation



Education :

Postgraduate School of Psychology – Univeristy of Indonesia

Psychology – Padjadjaran University